Operations & Staffing

Liberty Maternity and Nursing Home opened its doors for service delivery on 7th February 2005. Since then we have endeavored to continually offer quality medical services.

There is a board of directors that oversees the smooth operations of the facility and implements the decisions through the help of an administrator.

The facility has got regular members of staff, who include; an administrator, a resident medical officer, three registered clinical officers, anaesthetists, one Bsn nurse, eight krchn nurses and one enrolled nurse, three laboratory technologists, a Coho, an optometrist, a radiographer, two pharmtechs and a pharmacy assistant, a records officer, a nutritionist, three front office executives, an accounts clerk, cooks, two watchmen and five support staff. We also contract other qualified staff on locum basis to supplement the above work force when workload increases.

The facility also networks with a score of consultant doctors. The consultants include; two physicians, two general surgeons, two E.N.T surgeons, an Orthopedic surgeon, a radiologist and two gynecologists.