Quality Assurance

Liberty Nursing Home has attained level four safe care certification through quality control inspected by safe care international through Ps Kenya.

The facility has a quality assurance team that meets once every month. This team has representation from all the departments and always advices the management on areas that need to be improved.

We have a feedback system which helps us get the opinions of the clients both online and at the facility.  One of the most common comments is that Liberty is a very clean place and has friendly staff.

The hospital has an efficient Healthcare management system, which ensures that, all records are confidential and can be generated at a click of a button.

In 2021, we redesigned our outpatient with the help of an interior designer and so have increased its capacity. “It’s really looking smart”, the patients/clients keep commenting.

Electronic Health Records

All our records are electronically captured and maintained. We run a Sanitas health management system which is also linked to smart and slade 360 making management of patients and relying of vital information like bills incurred real time.